Final for Take no. 5


Plan, section, elevation, perspective-


Take 5 – Development and changes

Problem Solving-

Structure unclear and needs to be changed to be more realistic and feasible

Steel Research-

Improved Sketch up model- 

  • Glass/perspex changed out for steel frame
  • More shapes/forms added
  • Overall curve and flow improved and refined

Take 5 – Presentation

Presentation –

Notes from the presentation –

  • What it looks like during the day time
  • A way to see how the space has been adapted and hollowed out
  • How do the shapes work, how are they elevated
  • Cool shapes, colours

Things I can do – 

  • Better show how my model works – How the shapes are held up, where the original space is, how people use the space e.t.c
  • Add multiple views/times/lighting

Drawing into the printed images, what to change/add-


Take 5 – Ideas and Sketches

Initial Brainstorm –


Chat with Meg and Oli –


Sketches – 

Initial Sketchup Model –


My idea comes from the concept of creativity, and how I interpret the idea of a creative mind. The scattering of shapes and the changing of size is the chaos and regeneration of ideas, the glow is representative of the synapses in the brain. As people interact with the space by touching the shapes they change colour, each person’s brain works in a different was and so the synapses are different, it makes the space more personal to each individual entering it whilst still representing how I view my work flow.

Take no. 4

In class sketches –

I started with my initial idea of the spark of creative inspiration. The moment an idea happens and the ideas that come from the first spark.

Colour Ideas

I played around with the idea of adding colour to the shapes within my space but I feel the white represents the idea far better. The colour is too contrasting with the pre-existing space, jarring almost.

Plan, Section, Elevation, Perspective –

Take no. 3



Quick sketches from in class –

Scan take 3

I then expanded upon this initial concept and in doing this I came upon what the idea that is my final renders.


Instead of the rabbit hole concept, I took a more personal approach. What does the internet mean to me? What does it give me access to? I decided to explore the idea that the internet is how I communicate with my family and my close friends now I have moved to Wellington.

Render Tests- 

I was interested in testing the render as well as seeing what the inside of the room looked like isolated from the outside, focusing on the light.

Section, Elevation, Perspective –


Render Test Images

Simple Render Tests

Top Image – Mirror

Bottom Left– Gold

Bottom Right – Clay (Brown)

Glass Tests 

Light Tests

Top Image – Unlit

Bottom Left – 1750.0 Lumens, Reinhard, Layer 0 Gain 0.1, Layer 1 Gain 10

Bottom Right – 1750.0 Lumens, Camera, Layer 0 Gain 0.1, Layer 1 Gain 10

Light Tests 2

All – Reinhard. Layer 0 Gain 0.01. Layer 1 Gain 3.5

Top Image – Flat against face

Bottom Left – Extruded

Bottom Right– Inset

Coloured Light

All – Reinhard. Layer 0 Gain 0.01. Layer 1 Gain 3.5

Top Image – R 1.0, G 1.0, B 5.0

Bottom Left – R 1.0, G 5.0, B 1.0

Bottom Right – R 5.0, G 1.0, B 1.0

Light and Glass Tests

Top Image – Glass and Light on site

Left Image – Light off

Right Image – Light on, Reinhard, Gain 0

Freyburg Gelato Shop

Take 2 Render Tests